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Frequently Asked Questions

"The 411"

What is BarGlance?

BarGlance is a nightlife platform that connects bar-goers with the best bars through technology.

Where is the app available?

BarGlance works any place that has a vibrant nightlife scene. If we don't have your favorite bar or club or listed, shoot us a message (

Why can't I find bars on the map?

The BarMap is dynamic, meaning it highlights nightlife activity in real-time. Zooming in further will show all the bars in that area. Select the BarList button at the bottom of the screen to populate all the bars within your current map view.

Why don't all the bars have cameras?

While we would love for all of our partner bars to have live cameras, not all of them choose to do so. And that's cool too! We promote them in the app, regardless.

Are you concerned about privacy issues?

Absolutely. Privacy laws were something we addressed in the very beginning, even before building BarGlance 1.0. We are extremely mindful of issues pertaining to privacy, both legally and culturally. The safety and privacy of our users, bar-goers and bar employees is something we take very serious.

You can find more info in our official Privacy Policy.


Where is a user's location visible on the map?

User's who have their visibility setting turned on are only shown at a bar. Once you leave the bar, your location will disappear from the map.

How do I change my visibility setting in the app?

In your profile, select the gear icon in the top right corner. Then go to Visibility Settings.

Why does the app show that I'm in a bar when I'm not?

One reason might be that the app was open before going to, and while at the bar, but closed out before leaving the bar. In this case, the app will automatically remove a user from a bar after a period of 2 hours.

Where can I find the dating calculator? 

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