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The Best Views in Charleston (Part. 2)

When you visit a new city or plan an awesome vacation, do you ever find yourself wondering where the best views around the city are? Well, look no further! No matter if you’re looking for the perfect sunset or old history, Charleston has it all.


Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

Located underneath the foot of the Ravenel Bridge, this park combines nature, history, and recreation together. The park is home to a War Memorial and has plenty of open space to toss a frisbee, play some football, or bring a fishing pole (or rent one) and head out to the pier. As you make your way to the pavilion at the end of the pier there are plenty of benches and table to stop and enjoy the cooling ocean breeze and beautiful sunset.


Shem Creek

Shem Creek is a little slice of coastal paradise and home to local fishermen and shrimpers. This area was once home to mills and factories in the 1800’s but were destroyed or abandoned during the Civil War allowing for the seafood industry to boom. The creek is one of the most popular channels in the area allowing boaters, kayakers, and paddleboarders access. Not to mention the many restaurants and bars on the water. As you wander down the creek you can stop in at Red’s Ice House for a quick drink and bite to eat or all you can eat crab legs on Mondays. If you are looking for some rustic southern hospitality, stop on in at Tavern and Table for the amazing food and view from their outside bar and tables. Lastly, you can’t miss out on Vickery’s, home to “Muddy’s,” the only non-beach, beach bar around town.


Pitt Street Bridge

via @rajtidaj56 via @ungeheueteur

Pitt Street Bridge, also known as the Cove Inlet Bridge was built in 1828 during the Revolutionary war as a trolley bridge. In the early 1920’s the bridge was widened and served as the only passage from Mount Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island. It has since been converted to a fishing pier. As you wander down the bridge there are many places to toss a line, hang a hammock, or simply sit and enjoy the view.


Sullivan’s Island

If you’re a history buff you can’t miss out on this small town that was settled in back in the 17th century and named after Captain Florence O’Sullivan. The island has a strong military background and was part of the American Revolution, Battle of Sullivan’s Island /Fort Sullivan. Sullivan’s Island is home to Fort Moultrie, which was named in honor of the American commander during the battle. A short walk from the fort and you will be met with the beautiful beach and sandy breeze.


Isle of Palms

Legend has it that Isle of Palms, previously known as Hunting Island and Long Island was once inhabited by pirates who buried their treasures for safekeeping in the deserted dunes and woods, none has been found so far. So, grab your gear and head out in search for some priceless treasures and be met with an unforgettable view. While you’re out there make sure to stop in at the Windjammer for some live music and awesome drinks.


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