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Livestream Advertising for Bars: How to Use Live Video Marketing to Drive Sales

Running a bar involves more than selling alcohol to everyone who walks in. To get customers to want to stay, you need to make your bar as comfortable and attractive as possible. Your employees have to connect with patrons and help them have the best possible experience. Even with all of that though, you can only get so far without effective and strategic marketing.

Livestream advertising is a great way to increase your overall sales. Livestream technology has evolved significantly over the last few years. It’s penetrated all aspects of marketing, and many in the hospitality industry have benefited from it. When done the right way, video livestreaming can have a major impact on the success of bars, breweries and nightclubs.

Why Live Videos?

Why should owners and managers consider using livestream advertising for their business? The simple answer is that it’s a highly effective way to reach potential customers. It’s a well-known fact that humans are attracted to visuals, like videos and live feeds. That physiological reaction to this type of content has made video marketing one of the most successful ways to grow brand awareness. A study conducted by software company Livestream, found that 80% of users would rather watch live videos from brands than read their marketing posts. It’s easier to drive engagement, views, and traffic through videos, and that often translates into increased sales.

‘Going live’ can even be more effective than traditional video marketing because it facilitates audience interaction, which in turn creates relationships that can foster brand loyalty and referrals. Live videos add the “FOMO,” or “fear of missing out” factor to your marketing strategy. A lot of people don’t want to miss out on the excitement the see in a live video, which increases the chance that they’ll frequent your bar. Specific Benefits of Livestreaming for Bars

Livestreaming works for most bar types, providing a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Enhancement of interactions with current and potential patrons, regardless of location

  • Increased number of social media followers

  • An easier way to promote new products and promotions to a broader audience

  • Increased local traffic, both online and in person

  • Trust-building, which is vital for bars and other players in the hospitality sector

Most Viable Platforms to Consider

BarGlance is a leading platform in live video marketing. We give bar owners the ability to showcase their business to a worldwide audience. Bar-goers can watch live video feeds easily on most mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Besides BarGlance, several other platforms can be used for live video marketing. Most social media platforms allow for livestreaming. Instagram Live is a popular and fun way to engage with your followers. YouTube Live is also a great option for some businesses. The king of social media, Facebook, allows businesses to go live too. Other platforms such as Twitter, Periscope and Twitch are all viable options. You can promote your live sessions on multiple channels, allowing you to reach a wide range of potential customers. Specific Ways to Use Livestream Video to Drive Sales Here are some specific ways to use live video marketing to drive sales for bars and nightlife outfits.

  • Livestream Big Events: If you host important events in your bar, you automatically have relevant content to share. Every party and event you sponsor and host in your bar should be streamed live.

  • Keep Audiences Up-To-Date: Livestream platforms like BarGlance give bars the ability to highlight hours of operation, entertainment, and other important information right in their profiles.

  • Show Off Your Business: Livestream cameras are great for showing viewers amenities and features of your business that they might not otherwise know you have. Rooftops, outdoor bars, and live music are always great features to highlight.

  • Offer Discounts and Incentives: You can also benefit by offering discounts and incentives directly one the BarGlance platform.

Livestream advertising is the new, effective way to bring in more business to your bar, brewery or nightclub. We hope that these tips can help you increase sales, improve brand awareness and grow your business.


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